Top Bar Bee Hive

Top Bar Hive


Coffee with the bees on a Saturday Morning


3 week inspection (inside the hive)

3 week inspection (individual comb)


Week 6 close-up


Week six worker brood, drone brood




I attended the Indiana State Beekeepers bee school in February of 2016 after several years of serious interest in keeping bees. I purchased a Top Bar Hive from Superior Bee Supply and ordered a package of bees from Grahams Bee Works

I decided that a TopBar Hive would work best for me because there is less heavy lifting of honey supers and I don't need to harvest the maximum amount of honey.

I brought home a package of honey bees at the end of May and enjoy learning about the changes in the hive and it's behavior by drinking morning coffee on the weekends watching them come and go from the hive entrance.

The 3 week inspection was amazing to me. There were 3 good size combs drawn, with capped honey, brood and a good pattern of egg laying

I inspected at 4 weeks and found the queen!

At 5 weeks after getting the bees, I went out to inspect the hive and encountered a situation that was new to me and which I miss-interpreted. There were hundreds of bees swarming in the air around the opening and I worried that the hive may be experiencing robbing from another hive. I didn't open the hive but after much reading and watching the video I made, I realized it was a large orientation flight of new bees. This made more sense since it was about time the new brood from new comb would be hatching in larger numbers.

During week 6 I have observed a large jump in activity, with 3 times the number of take-offs and landings at the hive entrance as compared to a few weeks ago. There are 8 bars with comb and they are starting on a 9th. I added more space to the hive by moving the follower board back 2 bars. The bees really paid no attention to me as I inspected the hive. The comb seems to be nice and straight.