Dusty Rose Farm

a work in progress.....
The Ducks

Call duck crosses arrived September 2015.  


10 babies arrived Memorial day weekend 2016!






Chickens arrived Feb 2016 and started laying about 6 weeks later

2 Rhode Island Reds. They are very interesting to watch
and give me a LOT of eggs.



Bees arrived April 2016

My goal is to keep them alive this year. I have a Top Bar Hive I purchased at the Indiana State Bee Keepers 2016 Bee School.

See more about the bees

The Farm

The farm is definitly a work in progress.

Since selling my home in the suburbs in 2015 I have been working on designing a useful farm.

Training dogs is parmount, but I also look forward to raising my own fruits, meat, veggies, honey and eggs.

Barn and fencing are the focus now, so I can get the sheep!


Michelle Durkin
Mooresville, IN